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overclocking issues

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  • overclocking issues

    need some help overclocking a new rig i'm putting together if you can...

    here's the parts
    Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R mobo
    C2D e4300
    arctic freezer 7 pro cpu cooler
    4gb Corsair XMS2
    x1950pro 512
    hiper 730w PSU
    XP SP2 x64

    i've already oc'd a e4300 on an Asus P5k deluxe, so i'm aware of what sort of speeds to expect. and i'm at the point now i really regret not having bought the same board for this rig.

    i can change the multlipier, up the host frequency and alter the voltages, which is great, because thats what i want to do. the problem is, it doesn't stay that way. i save and exit, the computer restarts TWICE (once during post screen) and loads into windows. and in windows, every diagnostic tool i've used still shows stock speeds.

    then when i go back into the bios, the CPU Host Clock Control has disabled itself! every time!

    i don't know what bios came with the board, but i've since upgraded to f4g, then back to f2 upon reading the f4g is a BETA bios.

    what i'm trying to do is get a clock ratio of 9x, a frequency of around 370 and get a RAM frequency to match. easier said than done.

    am i doing something drastically wrong? i've oc'd about half a dozen different rigs so far, and have never had this much trouble. the last oc with the same cpu on the asus board took about half an hour, this one is 6 hours and counting.

    (and on a side note, as i'm sitting looking at CPU-z the core speed is jumping between 1202Mhx and 1804Mhz. i'm guessing thats because the multiplier is dropping from 9x to 6x and back again every so often. why is that?)

    any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated

    update 1:
    got the bios flash lock enabled, and computer now boots with a bus speed of 2880Mhz, so 60% overclock. but that appears to be as high as the mobo will go. now using bios f3a.
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    Re: overclocking issues

    I would suggest just returning the board and pay any restocking fees if you can. This MB is very unstable, and unreliable. I would not put alot of trust in seeing any bioses from Gigabyte that will cure all the issues this board has. For me, unfortunately, I bought the board 6 weeks before the Intel price cut and seeing all the wave reviews. It turned out to be a nightmare board. If you can return it, do it, and don't look back. It's not worth the hassles.



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      Re: overclocking issues

      i am seriously considering returning the board. its been nothing but a disappointment, especially considering the reviews.

      how on earth is this board supposed to support quad core cpus when the highest bus speed i can obtain is 320Mhz??

      this "high-end" board gets trounced by a supposed "mid-range" board from Asus.


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        Re: overclocking issues

        Defur -

        Part of the reason for the multiplier jumping between 9x and 6x could be the EIST and C1E? This post has some details:


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          Re: overclocking issues

          thanks pakru, i'd been trying to disable them for ages, i knew they would cause a problem. but wasn't until i found the "enable bios flash protection" in the additional submenus was that problem resolved.

          still have an issue with the overall processor speed achievable on this motherboard. highest i can get with this CPU is 2.88Ghz. this chip can do 380*9 = 3.42Ghz on an Asus board. possibly even higher...