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  • Originally posted by meaganmargaret View Post
    So, is Gigabyte planning to drop the X299X Aorus Master? I see that the bios firmware has not been updated in almost a year. Seems a really long time to not update bios firmware on a motherboard that is so expensive and complex......comments from gigabyte would be welcome.
    Latest F3e...


    • I hope this is the appropriate place to post this...

      Since upgrading two of my X570 Aorus Ultra systems to RTX 3000 series video cards, I get integrated audio crackling, mouse stuttering, webcam glitching, and other USB problems when I share my mic, webcam, and screen (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, Camtasia Recording). If I run at PCIe 3.0, everything is fine. This is not the USB 2.0 issue that's been circulating with a Global C-State setting fix. I am hoping a future AGESA update could fix this. Does anyone have any insight on this issue (and is this the right place to post this)? Thank you!


      • Try disabling the display card usb devices in device manager


        • Originally posted by TrebleTA View Post
          Try disabling the display card usb devices in device manager
          I'm scanning Device Manager, but I'm not seeing anything USB-related for my video card. The RTX 3090 does not have a USB-C port (or any other USB ports). Is there something specific I should be looking for? Thanks!


          • Hey there, i have a problem in my motherboard, every time i enter UEFI "BIOS" settings i got the time counting 2 seconds by two seconds, i mean the clock isn't counting 1 second after one. Whatever i do, flashing bios, downgrading, upgrading, FPT flashing, i always have this. Changing the battery or CMOS reset, doesn't help, also flashing form backup bios to main, or, flashing back the backup bios to the main bios doesn't fix it at all.
            I don't know what i have to do, please if you have any suggestion or whatever i can do to help me figuring out what the problem is, and fixing it, will be much more appreciated.

            Here's my System specs:
            GA-Z87X-UD3h BIOS: F11c
            Intel i7 4770
            16GB G-SKILL 1600 MHz
            SAPPHIRE RADEON RX 580 8GB PULSE Dual Bios Edition
            SAMSUNG NVME 256GB SSD
            TEAM 256GB SSD Windows 10 x64 Pro 20H2
            WD 1TB HDD
            SEAGATE 1TB HDD
            NZXT H440 V2 (BLACK / RED) MSI Edition


            • I have been having a very weird POST issue.

              My specs (all components 1 month old):
              PSU: ToughPower GF1 750W Gold
              Mobo: B550 Aorus Pro (latest bios)
              CPU: 3700x Ryzen 7
              GPU: RTX 3070 Asus Dual OC
              RAM: G.Skill RipJaws V series 16GB 3600 CL16

              If I play a GPU intensive game and then power off the PC normally through windows and try to power on the PC after 5 secs, POST fails with CPU and RAM debug lights flashing back and forth. The CPU led will clear and then move to DRAM, it stays there for 2 secs and then moves back to the CPU led and back to RAM, and keeps repeating. If instead of Powering On the PC right away after shutoff I wait 2-3 minutes, no issues. Now, If I don't do anything that's intensive, such as browsing, youtube, etc, and power off the PC and power on right away, no POST issues. None of these issues happen if I just restart Windows, no POST issues at all regardless of what games I was playing. My temps when gaming for GPU are 71C and CPU 70C. I can game all day without issues, hell I can run cyberpunk and then run cinebench r20 in the background and I have no issues with the PSU. I would not have found this issue if it was not for an email I forgot to write after a gaming session. I shut off my PC and then remember I had to write an email and turn it on right away and noticed the POST issue. I have been testing to see what triggers it and it seems to be consistent with having a CPU/GPU intensive game running for a while before shut off. If I play a GPU intensive game and then quit the game and just browse for half an hour and then shut down the PC and turn it back on, no issues.


              • Guys,
                with major issue, the best and fastest way is to contact GIGABYTE Technical Support....



                • Originally posted by stasio View Post
                  with major issue, the best and fastest way is to contact GIGABYTE Technical Support....

                  I agree that issues should be shared with GIGABYTE support. Hopefully, they are escalating to Engineering appropriately.

                  Personally, I have had very poor results working with GIGABYTE Tech Support. My current ticket has been open for nearly two months, and support has gone silent. Once you submit a ticket, you must wait for support to reply. Then you get one response back to support. After that, you need to wait for support to reply again. Most responses from GIGABYTE take days (maybe average of 3 to 4 days) and come back with some trivial question. Detailed information that I submit is often not reviewed, and I'll get questions/suggestions that were already clearly covered in the documentation that I provided. The support portal and process are downright painful. Unfortunately, I find that the general community offers superior support to GIGABYTE themselves.


                  • Originally posted by GIGABYTE - Janus Yeh View Post
                    non-working links, and the base link: ( ) opens to : Welcome to CentOS

                    The Community ENTerprise Operating System
                    Intel MEInfo Version:
                    MEI Driver Version:
                    Motherboard: GA-Z77-UD5H rev 1.1
                    BIOS: F16 mod11
                    CPU: i5-3570K Delidded Stable turbo O.C. to 4.2 GHz
                    RAM: Kingston HyperX 2x4GB DDR3 1600 CL9 @800MHz
                    Videocard: AMD Radeon Asus HD 6670 2048MB DDR3
                    Cooling: Noctua NH-D14
                    OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit


                    • Hi Guys

                      Sory if it is Off-Topic

                      Since few days, the time is not running in the bios of my Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master (bought in April 2019). I use BIOS F11o. I don't try to change the battery of the CMOS because all settings
                      do not disappear on startup.

                      What is the best solution to solve this problem. Please.


                      • This is to Gigabyte. Will Gigabyte be releasing a BIOS update for the X299 Designare EX to make it Windows 11 compatible? I really hope so as I just bought this motherboard a month ago. Thanks.


                        • Hello,

                          Please, i need help
                          I have an Z97X-UD3H,with official latetest bios. I have an TPM 2.0, bios reconizge, but i cannot activate.
                          It is some mod bios for this pcb, that activate TPM ?

                          It is possible someone have it and upload it here ?

                          Thank you


                          • Hi all! :)
                            1. GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS PRO AX, rev.1 , bios F20
                            2. Memory Patriot Viper Steel [PVS416G440C9K] 2x8 ??, 2 and 4 slots, stock
                            3. Intel core i5 11600k stock,, cooler GamerStorm Asssassin 3, term.interface Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
                            4. Vidocard ASUS TUF 3060 Ti OC V2 , 8gb
                            5. Power supply Corsair RM850 850W GOLD [CP-9020196-EU]
                            Problem: if 3060 ti works in pci-e 4.0 x16 mode PC crashed every time in games or stress tests like occt and furmark. If i activate pci-e 4.0 x8 in bios my PC works stably.
                            Maybe it's possible to fix it by raising the voltage or what's the matter?