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Extreme 6 & Dr Debug says 55

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  • Extreme 6 & Dr Debug says 55

    I think I should just stick to jigsaw puzzles. Am too stupid for all this.

    ASROCK Z97 Extreme 6 with Bios P1.40 fresh out of the box. Factory settings.
    Slots 2 & 4. As Cooler obscures Slot 1.

    I tried my build with GSkill Ripjaws X - F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL (2 x 8Gb). Would only POST with 1 x 8GB installed.
    So I assume that the CPU is working. But would not POST with 2 x 8Gb.

    This was just now replaced with GSkill Ares 2 x 8Gb F3-1866C10D-16GAB. Shown as compatible by GSkill.

    RAM GSkill 8Gb module x 2. F3-1866C10D-16GAB

    1. Listed on GSkill site as compatible with above motherboard.
    2. NOT listed on ASRock site as compatible.

    Error Code 55 from Dr Debug.
    No POST, at all, with only 1 x 8Gb installed.
    Reset CMOS. No change.
    We know CPU works from first attempt with 1 x 8Gb Ripjaws X - right ?

    Now I get Code 55 = Indicating the RAM is not detected - incompatible.

    HELP please.

    (all suggestions on 2 x 8Gb RAM that does actually work on this motherboard gratefully recieved)

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    Re: Extreme 6 & Dr Debug says 55


    Bios Chipset P2.30 now installed.

    RAM is , QVL certified, GSkill Ares F3-1866C10D-16GAB

    8Gb in Slot A2 we get POST.
    Both RAM sticks work in slot A2 to give UEFI POST.

    But - Dual Channel no go - 8 Gb in Slot B2 & 8 Gb in Slot A2 = NO POST.
    Dr Debug 55.

    Note - I had exactly the same problem with GSkill F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL that I RMA'd

    Therefore it seems it is not a GSkill RAM issue but an interoperability issue.

    Royally screwed.


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      Re: Extreme 6 & Dr Debug says 55


      New board supplied...god bless you Amazon. I can put the club hammer away.
      All fired up and working......but wait

      Windows 7 Pro SP1 the preferred OS of choice. All stops on install at the Licence Terms Accept page. Mouse & Keyboard become unresponsive.

      Bootable USB stick. FAT or NTFS makes no difference. Set to GPT not MBR for the AsRock UEFI as instructed by Rufus.

      1. Full Retail copy - no go
      2. OEM cheapo copy - no go
      3. 2 copies alledgedly Digital River clones - no go

      It all stops in the same place. Accept Licence Terms on the install - Mouse & Keyboard become unresponsive.

      Yes, I've put a PID.txt file in their with the CoA's product code on it.
      Yes, I've checked with pidgen.exe ( V1.1.3.590) that the CoA is kosher. Not blacklisted by MS.
      Yes, I've written my own little ei.cfg file and popped that in the 'sources' folder of the install media.

      Over to the Windows Forums. Sigh. Never Ending.