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G.Skill PC12800 type explaination?

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  • G.Skill PC12800 type explaination?

    Hi, I have several questions about G.Skill products,

    1.What is the different between Ripjaw X and Ripjaw Z in performance?
    I need to pair them with i5 3450 Ivy Bridge processor, Asrock B75-Pro3-M (4xdimm slots),
    which is the best?

    2.I heard that Ripjaw series are made for Sandy Bridge processor, (GBRL,GBRM)
    but Ripjaw X and Z are designed for Ivy Bridge, is this true?

    3.and how about Ares GAB and GAO? is it B for Blue and O for Orange?
    these are low profile module, and how about their performance compared to GBNQ/GBPK type?


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    Re: G.Skill PC12800 type explaination?


    RipjawsX series is design for Ivy, and RipjawsZ series is specially design for quad channel(X79) chipset, and i believe both series
    are capable for your system! And the Ares series is for low profile, B for blue O for orange that's right, and the NQ/PK is for DDR2 memory module.


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      Re: G.Skill PC12800 type explaination?

      Hi, thank for your reply!

      so ripjaw Z will overkill my B75 motherboard, but ripjaw X will match it,

      btw, which has better compatibility to Ivy bridge processor, is it Sniper GBSR or GBSR2?
      i'm in confuse between choosing GBXL module, but some says go for sniper for better performance,
      but ripjaw X has GBXH for better performance..

      can you help me decide, is it GBXL,GBXH,GBSR, or GBSR2 for the best choice?
      (btw, i'm not an overclock user)



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        Re: G.Skill PC12800 type explaination?


        That's really depends by what you need, but personally im using Sniper

        The SR2 is for lower DRAM voltage series, and the Sniper series is design for gaming system, i believe it has great compatibility with your Ivy as well.

        Just remember, always use one kit of memory instead of two kits at the same time!

        Have a nice weekend


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          Re: G.Skill PC12800 type explaination?


          haha,i'm not a pro gamer, i just do some simple 3d render,photoshop,office, and battlefield3 sometimes..
          should i go for sniper series or GBXH is better to my works?

          btw,what series then if i planned to use double kit for my Asrock B75-Pro3-M?


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            Re: G.Skill PC12800 type explaination?


            Will suggest bigger capacity then other performance, and i believe the sniper series could be greatly handle what you need for the Asrock B75-pro3-M.