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Azus Screen not working after replacement

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  • Azus Screen not working after replacement

    I have a Asus tuf gaming F15 FX506L. The screen was not working replaced the screen cable, no luck then the screen still not working. I pluged in and external monitor all good. I switched between all the screen otoions on the F9 swith nothing from the creen. I went into power setting and told it to do nothing when the lid closes in case the switch was stuck in the closed position. I think I will buy another cable next unless someone has a better idea. I have checked athe the ribon connections over and over.

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    The backlight could be burned out. Put a bright light behind the screen or use a flashlight from the exterior and see if images are displaying but not showing with the backlight not working. If you find that to be the case, you will need a new screen.


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      You can check the backlight by turning on the laptop in the dark room. Can you see any faint light coming through the LCD panel? If there's a faint image but no backlight, the issue might be with the backlight inverter or the backlight itself within the display panel.? fnf


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        It sounds like you've tried everything; getting a new cable might be the best next step. If that doesn't work, the issue might be with the screen itself or the motherboard.