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Laptop quickly shuts off if built-in keyboard connected

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  • Laptop quickly shuts off if built-in keyboard connected

    I'm troubleshooting a laptop whose keyboard has a power button on it. The laptop immediately shuts off after showing the ASUS logo but before the BIOS/UEFI becomes available. However, it boots successfully if I pull the keyboard connector from the motherboard immediately after powering it on. Steps:
    1. Plug in laptop keyboard connector to laptop motherboard.
    2. Press power button on laptop keyboard.
    3. Pull laptop keyboard connector from motherboard before ASUS logo shows up to boot successfully (I have ~2 seconds). If I don't do this step, or I do it too slowly, the laptop immediately shuts off.

    When I pull the motherboard connector, I can boot into the BIOS/UEFI or Windows, and the trackpad and an external keyboard both work fine, so it's definitely some issue either with the keyboard or the motherboard circuitry for the keyboard.

    In the powered off state, all of the pins for the motherboard's keyboard connector have 3.3V, except the ground pin of course, and obviously the power button on the keyboard works since the laptop can be powered on.

    Laptop is an ASUS X541UAK. The motherboard says X541UVK, but it has had the UAK firmware installed for some time, and trying to update using UVK firmware says it's invalid.

    So would replacing the keyboard fix this issue, or is this an issue with the motherboard's circuitry that interfaces with the keyboard?