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    I am about to reinstall an ASUS F553S.

    Which ASUS software should one install?
    Is there something very important?
    Which is useful and for what?

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    Re: laptop software

    im writing this considering your OS is up to date and machine running correctly:

    1. most importantly you need to go to Asus website and check, double check, triple check your latest BIOS version. if you have any questions, Do Not install a BIOS Update. Trust me, ive been there and it cost me A Lot of Money.
    2. in Asus website update the BIOS Utility next.
    3. Depending on how well you know Computers install the remaining Updates from Asus Website. There is an order and I cannot remember it. though you can google/bing/chrome/ect..a search for an installation order.
    4. install a Security Package, the on from windows is standard with some software protection and a firewall. "this is my opinion", I use a company called Bitdefender, the Total/Complete package, it lists for $89/$99/yr. though you can get it for much, much cheaper. ive been with them six years on five different machines and they are worth the $35 bucks I paid. Yearly in and out they are rated number one. I believe in them, they cover my dell, 2 asus, asus tablet and galaxy phone.
    5. Now consider, lets call it misc...there really is much left from asus to install, at least nothing I use.
    A. depending on hard drive Samsung Magician, Seagate, not sure of name: these programs allow you set up and make changes to your drives, ie...cloning. MS can also do this but it is complicated for a Novice and many times requires a download anyway.
    B. load a .zip program, ie.,, ect...ive used both and like them equally.
    C. a drive management program: yes, just like when you enter the manager from control panel, except using a program like micron reflect or acronis much of the hassle and skill level are done for you. though you should be fairly adept at computers and inter workings, to include being able to use the windows CMD prompt.
    D. there are a couple tools from MS/Intel that are useful: winflash, media creation tools...

    im a minimalist, I only keep on my windows pc what is necessary. I want room for the fun stuff. everyonr is different just like opinions. this list is not all inclusive. its meant to get you up and running properly, safely and with least hassle. other than that, it takes experience, knowledge and skills acquired over years of failures and tests and small triumphs. I really hope this helps you. take care


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      Re: laptop software

      Any other opinions?

      Originally posted by tcbmdlbrnwv View Post
      there really is much left from asus to install, at least nothing I use.
      Is there a "not" missing between "is" and "much"?
      If so, that is what I wanted to see, thanks.
      Else, I do not understand it.