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Front panel USB 3.0 ports only transfering at 40MBps

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  • Front panel USB 3.0 ports only transfering at 40MBps

    Motherboard in question: ASUS Z370 TUF Gaming Plus
    Case: Be Quiet Silent Base 801

    Problem: Trying to transfer files from an external SSD to an internal SSD over USB 3.0 front panel ports only transfer at usb 2.0 speed (39MBps)

    My pc case comes with 2 usb 3.0 ports on the front panel. They are connected to my motherboards USB3.1_Gen1 port as seen in this image

    I have a 2.5inch Samsung 840 ssd not currently installed in the case. I'm trying to transfer the files to my internal SSD using a little cable and the frontpanel USB 3.0 ports. But the speed is far too slow for a USB 3.0 port. I am trying to figure out what the culprit is.

    Here are some images showing the situation Imgur: The magic of the InternetNote there are 2 cables connected. One is for extra power but this is not needed in this situation. I tried with only the data cable, results are the same.

    When i connect the ssd to one of the rear IO ports, the speed is a respectable 230MBps but on these 2 front panel ports it wont go higher than 39MBps.

    I have both the Intel chipset drivers installed as well as the ASmedia driver. Also running the latest bios.

    Is there perhaps a bios option that needs changing?