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G752VT-DH72 Laptop Boot Issue

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  • G752VT-DH72 Laptop Boot Issue

    I have a G752VT-DH72 laptop with a boot issue. If I restart the laptop it sits on the BIOS splash screen for 4 to 7 minutes before starting to boot the OS. This happens about 4 out of every 5 times I have to restart or start the laptop. It also wonít recognize any disk in the DVD player when this happens. I wasnít sure if it was the OS or something else. So I have restarted it multiple times and selected Setup on start up. When I do this it still takes several minutes to get to the setup screen. I have all of the setup options set to default. I also upgraded BIOS to version 307, which is the latest version I could find. Iím not sure what the issue is but it can be very frustrating. Is there anything else I can do to try and solve this?