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Asus Vivo Mini PC Motherboard

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  • Asus Vivo Mini PC Motherboard

    Hi TweakTown,

    I have an Asus Vivo MiniPC model number VM62. We recently had lightning strike close to the house causing a power surge that fried the PC. I can get it to show the power light as being on but will not start booting up. I never get any display output or boot process to do any kind of diagnostics.

    I wanted to replace the motherboard since I am not willing to give up on this PC. I spent 30 minutes between Asus support chat and tech support phone calls. After 2 chat transfers and a pass off to phone support who proceeded to transfer me 3 times, they told me that they could not provide me with the motherboard part number to try and purchase a new one.

    Can anyone help with either trying something new to get the PC to boot up?
    Or can you help me with an Asus motherboard PN or any substitute motherboard that I could use to revive this PC?