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upgrading the 1.3 M camera

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  • upgrading the 1.3 M camera

    So a little backstory. My company was getting rid of/ throwing away several older ASUS All In One computers; model number ET2410INTS. I took four and after swapping parts and cleaning them up; I had 2 perfectly good working computers. Gave one to my young children for them to play their games on and the other to my elderly Grandmother for checking email etc. Last week while visiting my Memma, she asked if I could get her a better camera. I told her I could hook up a webcam but whoa slow down too much technology too fast. She knew how to use the integrated camera and wanted to just keep on doing that. So I told her I would look into getting a better camera. Is there a 2.0 or 2.3 M camera that I can pull out of another All In One and swap into my ET2410INTS? If so, any idea where I can find the card to buy it?

    Thank you in advance,