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technically deficient and need help

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  • technically deficient and need help

    My son was given an old Asus laptop. I am not tech savvy and cannot tell you all of the specs. I know it's old and from 2013. It is running Windows 8.1. We we were trying to wipe it to factory settings so he could just start over with it. When we try to reset it, it tells us that we cannot due to missing a required partition.

    I have googled the heck out of this. From what I understand that is where windows is? Meaning that is what will load back up when it is reset? Anyway , I have tried following many of the ideas I have read. I have tried chkdsk. I have tried making the primary partition active. But then it tells me that I can't due to something with the MBR. I have tried other things to but now I am just clueless.

    Does anyone know what can be done if anything? Is it impossible to wipe this computer?

    Thank you so much!

    If you need more information, I would be glad to supply it if you tell me where to find it!