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Asus abruptly shuts down 60%

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  • Asus abruptly shuts down 60%

    Hey whats up!
    So I have an Asus x54c laptop. Just recently im running into an issue where my laptop abruptly shuts down at exactly 60%.
    It does not power back on when i press the power button. It will only power back on when i plug in the charger.
    The laptop shuts down at exactly 60% when the charger is not plugged in, however it works completly fine when plugged in.
    My laptop does not overheat, and i tested this. I switched out my original battery about 6 months ago to a fully compatible battery.
    This just started to happen a few days ago. I am running windows 10. I checked the power settings in control center power settings, and i ran the troubleshoot for power settings.
    Any suggestions? Any other additional info needed, please ask! SEND HELP! SOS