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Asus X454LJ - installing 32 bits OS

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  • Asus X454LJ - installing 32 bits OS

    Hello, my mom got an ASUS X454LJ a few months ago. Right from the start it had issues about being slow and freezing for no apparent reason and it has only gotten worse. She's only using it for Internet browsing, email, MS Office and a bit of youtube so it really shouldn't be like that!

    I took a look and it has Win 8.1 64 bits on 2GB RAM so I thought I would try to install Win 7 32 bits to see if performance improved. First of all, could anyone tell me if my reasoning is right? Should a 32 bit OS work faster on this computer than what she has now? Also, the laptop does't have a touch-screen so the Start Window with all the apps is only confusing her, hence going back to Win 7... what do you think?

    Now, supposing you agree that Win 7 32 bits is the way to go, I went to ASUS Support page to get the drivers, and I couldn't find any drivers for any 32 bits OS! Did I just not look in the right place? in that case, would anyone be kind enough to send me a link to the correct page? Thank you very much!