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Asus GTX670 Mini OverClock Edition SLI [Review]

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  • Asus GTX670 Mini OverClock Edition SLI [Review]

    Asus just release their "Mini-Size GPU", a GTX 670 sized (17cm) PCB, featuring a new version of DirectCU with copper base vapor-chamber inside the in the main heatsink amd appears to be a combination of an aluminum base plate covering the memory chip and VRM. The Mini DirectCU used CoolTech fan blowing wider angle airflow in multi-direction also improving more airflow and cooler than traditional fan.

    Model: Asus GTX670-DCMOC-2GD5
    Graphics Engine: NVIDIA GeForce GTX670
    Bus Standard: PCI-Express 3.0
    Video Memory: 2GB GDDR5
    GPU boost clock: 1006mhz
    GPU base clock: 928mhz
    CUDA cores: 1344
    Memory clock: 6008mhz [1502 mhz GDDR5]
    Memory interface: 256 bits
    Dimension: 6.7" x 4.8" x 1.6"

    System Test:
    Intel core i5 3570K
    Asus P8Z77-V
    G.Skill 16Gb 1600mhz CL9
    Asus GTX670 DC Mini
    Plextor M5 Pro 128Gb
    FSP 850w


    Asus GTX670 Mini packaging box

    Top view of the box:

    Back view of the box

    Side view of the box


    Users Manual
    Driver/GPU Tweak utilities
    1x Power cable converter

    The Asus GTX670 DCU Mini card

    I/O port:
    1x DVI-I
    1x DVI-D
    1x HDMI 1.4
    1x Display Port

    Side view of the card

    Side view of the card

    Top view of the card

    This card require 8-pins power

    Back video of the card

    "Direct Power>" This is just a copper heat sink, used to spread heat from inner PCB layer and lower down the temperature of the card.
    Direct Power >> pointing at the SAP caps to maximize overclocking headroom

    This card allow you to run 3-way SLI card, it mean you can link up with 3 cards

    Dismantle: DirectCU cooler and PCB

    This card used 4+1 Power phase.
    : 4x Hynix memory chip on the surface.
    Orange: 1 phase for VRAM- video memory
    Green/Blue/Purple/Pink Total 4 phase for GPU cores, 1 color is 1 phase.

    This video memory used: Hynix H5GQ2H24AFA chips, a total of 8 memory chips is clocked to 6Gbps and given 2GB GDDR5

    And back of the PCB have 4x Hynix Memory chips

    NVIDIA: GK104-325-A2 GPU

    Asus used High Quality Mosfets, Two red 4937N MOSFETs act on the low-side and a single blue 4955N is used as the high-side. These MOSFETs have very low RDS(ON)
    Purple: Asus used taiwan made soild caps
    Pink Richtek RT8867A PWM 4-power phase controller

    This is DirectCU Mini with Custom vapor chamber heat sink

    Dismantle: Heatsink from the cover

    DirectCU heatink with Cooltech fan

    Back view of the heatink

    Side view: this is the area where the heat sink cool down the power phase

    CoolTech fan

    Side view of the heat sink look very huge

    Photo of the day :) end of my hardware review
    Never look down on anyone, even a noob. one day baby will grow teeth

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    Re: Asus GTX670 Mini OverClock Edition SLI [Review]

    Information & Benchmark: 1920x1080 Max settings

    Asus GPU Tweak

    Windows Experience Index


    FFX IV

    The Last Reminant

    Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0

    Unigine Valley Benchmark 1.0

    Overclocking & Stress test

    Testing with Furmark: 100% - No Overclocking
    FurMark is a very intensive OpenGL benchmark that uses fur rendering algorithms to measure the performance of the graphics card. Fur rendering is especially adapted to overheat the GPU and that's why FurMark is also a perfect stability and stress test tool for the graphics card.

    20 minutes stress test with furmark, Asus GTX 670 Mini DirectCu manage to keep the card cool with 57% fan speed and 79 degree celsius.

    Tuning up the fan speed to 100% the gpu temperatures stay at 68-70 degree celsius with 20 minutes stress test.


    I've push the card higher clock speed 1120Mhz core clock and 6500mhz memory clock speed

    Asus GTX670 Mini OC - SLI Benchmark & Testing

    3Dmark: Default speed

    Furmark: SLI Mode
    20 mins of stress test:
    1st GPU: 81 degree celsius
    2nd GPU: 76 degree celsius
    Never look down on anyone, even a noob. one day baby will grow teeth


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      Re: Asus GTX670 Mini OverClock Edition SLI [Review]



      Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0

      Never look down on anyone, even a noob. one day baby will grow teeth