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Asus GTX 560TI Problems...

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  • Asus GTX 560TI Problems...

    Hey everyone, Just thought Id toss a message here to see if someone has a Idea or can help.

    so here it goes...

    I got 2x 560ti's Both having problems since after the 1st month.

    Been working with asus on this because I rma'ed before and they found no problems even though I told them it takes awhile to happen, it could be a hour, to a month. This also happens fastest when SLI'ed with either GPU as the first.

    I have also tried 3 or 4 different SLI Cables, and 3 different Motherboards, Did not change a thing.

    GPU's doing this really ticks me off. I havent used MSI Afterburner Before when I had these problems, but I now assume I had these problems because if you look, MSI overlay is showing that its downclocked, Yet in MSI it also states its clocked at those speed. Besides the manual tuner to do so which I did not touch.

    And I explain below, I DID NOT have Msi Afterburner OPEN before this problem happened. I turned it on to see if so, and I saw this for the first time, cause I was using Asus GPU Tweak to monitor instead after they released it in the past. So I assume MSI Is picking up it unlike the Asus GPU Tweak.

    GPU In game IN SLI when I saw it Drop using MSI Afterburner overlay for FPS and all that after I noticed it dropped. MSI Afterburner was Not open in the background at all until this happened.

    GPU In SLI with two screenshots of the MSI Afterburner readings on the right since all of the GPU Information for both cant fit into one screenshot.


    This is a Screenshot of my SLI Disabled WITHOUT RESTARTING COOMPUTER, I simply went to nvidia control panel, Disabled SLI and Put Physx Also on my 1st GPU so nothing was going to the 2nd GPU which is pretty much having 1 gpu installed.

    So far some responses Ive had are...

    1st Question...

    does this only happen in specific games like GW2, or is it across the board?

    Second, when this problem starts, does closing the game and reopening it bring back the normal level of performance?


    Had this in many types of games before.

    And no closing and reopening does not restore it, I have to restart my computer for it to go back to normal, which can happen again within a hour to a month, its random but its quite annoying.

    Another question was...

    Am I correct in assuming you've tried multiple versions of drivers (including betas)?

    Yes since this also happened within a year where there has been multiple releases of drivers =P


    Based upon what you've posted... with your primary GPU going to idle speeds while still under full load, and requiring a restart to recover... it sounds like you're experiencing TDRs.

    I know you said you tried different motherboards. Did you, by any chance, try a different or larger power supply? As well as Memory?


    Yes, I tried a 1300w psu as well as my current PSU 850w
    Yes on the memory.


    Ok, check your C:\Windows\LiveKernelReports\WATCHDOG folder, and see if there's a .DMP file in there with a time and date roughly corresponding to the last time this issue reared its ugly head.
    Oh, and did you do a clean install of Windows each time you changed motherboards?


    yes it happens on clean install on each mobo as well as after I do them. doesnt matter if its fresh or not.
    Nope I just checked and I have Nothing in my LiveKernelReports Not even the watchdog folder is in there.

    So any help would be awesome... As Im finally bashing my head in at this problem. While also working with Asus to figure it out or something then waste money RMA'ing and getting them immidiately back like last time saying there was no problems.