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P8Z68-V Pro/2600K - Help getting past 4.5GHz

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  • P8Z68-V Pro/2600K - Help getting past 4.5GHz

    Attached is the path I have been on to OC the system using Offset Mode. What suggestions do you guys have for getting past the BSOD wall I get to at 4.6GHz. Do I need to increase the memory controller voltage to handle the 8GB of 1600-C8 memory? 0X124 seems to have a lot of variables! OR are one of the other settings that were recommended for fixed voltage causing a problem. I have tried lower settings for LLC instead of "Medium" but don't seem to get enough Vcore? Help appreciated.
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    Re: P8Z68-V Pro/2600K - Help getting past 4.5GHz

    Thanks all for the help and suggestions! I finally dropped back and got this thing to run at 4.5GHz in Offset Mode with LLC=Auto and Offset= + Auto. Way too easy! I also got it to run "stable" (Prime 95 v27.7 for 3+ hours) setting the LLC=High and Offset to + 0.005. But... at 4.6GHz the max core temps running Prime95 were too high for me at 65-71-71-68C. So for 24-7 it's 4.5GHz on Auto/Auto.


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      Re: P8Z68-V Pro/2600K - Help getting past 4.5GHz

      anything under 80c is fine for sb,you probably need more cpu voltage/offset and a higher llc level for 4.5ghz+
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