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  • Asus Rampage Gene III AI SUITE

    I am having trouble installing the above the Internet is littered with similiar complaints has Asus a Solution?

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    Re: Asus Rampage Gene III AI SUITE

    I have the latest version of this software (Asus AI Suite II v. 2.00.01) on my P8Z77-V, and believe me, it still has problems. It's a little better than it was; on my cousin's P8Z68-V LX build in February 2012 it kept crashing for no apparent reason. At least on my system it installed fine and seemed to run okay, until I tried Asus Update (didn't work). A week later i started getting pop-up messages from the "Probe II" applet about 3.3v rail is 0.0v, or 5v rail is 0.0v. Since I was using a 2-year-old PSU in this new build, I started to worry about my PSU frying and taking out my new board and CPU, so I upgraded to a 750w full modular Ultra X4. The messages stopped for a while, but then i started getting messages about the CPU temp is 0*c and other impossible errors, and so I googled it and realized that many others have the same problems. I think mine went loopy when I started using another sensor monitoring program (HWiNFO64) which by the way is about the best program out there for sensor reading, and it's up to date with the latest CPU and chipset sensors. Anyway, most people just disable the Probe II applet or uninstall the whole AI Suite and use 3rd party programs.. I kept some parts of the AI Suite II (Fan Xpert 2 is very useful & USB3 Boost & the OC stuff is OK). The bottom line is, you don't need it, and other (free) programs do it better, usually without crashing. As for using the software to set up an overclock, I wouldn't recommend it, much safer to do it in BIOS.. I've tried using it to tweak a voltage or two, but didn't trust it to save the setting until I set it in BIOS. So it's mostly useless anyway.