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BUG: Asus DCU II (maybe other model too) + Catalyst 11.10, Firefox 8, GPU stepping

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  • BUG: Asus DCU II (maybe other model too) + Catalyst 11.10, Firefox 8, GPU stepping

    Problem: GPU doesn't step to maximum nor minimum clock speed when you have a flash movie (like in youtube) open in Firefox 8.0.

    OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    CPU: Phenom II x4 955
    Mem: 8GB DDR2
    Graphics: Asus DCU II HD 6950 2GB
    Catalyst: 11.10

    GPU clock steps: 810/250/500/725
    GPU RAM steps: 1250/150/1250/1250

    How to reproduce the problem:

    Open Firefox and go to Open some video and pause it. Start GPU-Z or some other program that tells you GPU speed.
    Log the speeds to a file or on screen (check continue refreshing this screen while GPU-Z is in the background)
    Start some 3D heavy software like 3dmark11 or a 3d game. Run or play for some time and check the log screen or file.
    You should notice that the core clock doesn't go under 500 MHz nor it goes past 725 MHz, memory clock doesn't change at all.
    Really annoying to play a game and have about 10% reduced GPU power in use.

    How to avoid this problem:
    Close videos from background while playing!

    Anyone else notice this same problem?
    This doesn't happen with IE 9 and I do not know about Chrome/Opera/Safari.
    Fractal Design Define R5 Black , Nexus 950W , Asus P8Z77-V LE PLUS , i7 3770k @4.2GHz , 120x240mm water cooling
    32GB (4x8GB) G.Skill PC-14900 CL10 , EVGA GTX970 Hybrid .
    2x Samsung 830 128GB SSD in raid 0 for operating system and games 1x Seagate 1.8TB drive for storage