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BIOS Freezing on P8P67 Motherboard

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  • BIOS Freezing on P8P67 Motherboard

    I'm in need of some assistance with my motherboard. I can't seem to load the BIOS with my motherboard which is a p8p67.

    It worked fine at first. First boot up, checked the BIOS, everything was good. I installed Windows 7, checked the BIOS again for temps, worked fine.

    After installing all the drivers needed from Windows Update and ASUS's DVD-ROM, I can't access the BIOS anymore. At POST, whenever I hold Del, either it freezes with a black screen and the pointer or it'll just restart automatically.

    I went ahead and reseated the RAM, cleared the CMOS, disconnected the HDD, updated the BIOS, uninstalled all the drivers including ASUS Suite software, and still the BIOS keeps freezing. Whatever happened, really messed things up and wiping out the HDD would be useless if it won't even work with everything but the keyboard unplugged. I'm out of ideas here. The only thing I can think of now is RMA'ing.

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    Re: BIOS Freezing on P8P67 Motherboard

    What BIOS revision are you running and how were you able to update the BIOS since you're not able to enter the BIOS?