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Date/time reset in BIOS every boot - X570 Phantom Gaming

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  • Date/time reset in BIOS every boot - X570 Phantom Gaming

    I have an issue with date/time clock after the BIOS update of my PC's motherboard. An X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3

    I updated from bios version 3.0 to 3.20 my PC's motherboard. After the update my system start until to the bios boot but the OS (Windows 11) can't be start.

    I tried to downgrade to previously BIOS version (3.0) and after the downgrade the OS Windows started regulary again, but the date/time clock of the bios can't be mantain the correct set and at every switch on of the PC or reboot, BIOS clock is reset to 2017.
    I tried to update the BIOS again to version 3.1 but the date/time issue still.
    BIOS battery is Ok.

    Someone had the same problem and found a solution?

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    BIOS battery need to be changed. CR2032 Battery. Sometimes battery die even on new motherboards.


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      If your Windows clock resets itself every time you restart your computer, it usually signifies that the time in your BIOS isn't properly configured. So I recommend that you go in there and change the date/time. If the BIOS also loses its date/time upon reboot, you'll need to replace your motherboard's BIOS backup battery. You can watch videos online on how to do it. Moreso, if you want a Build, hatch & collect game or dress up games, visit the links I attached here.


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