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Choosing ram sticks and overclocking

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  • Choosing ram sticks and overclocking

    Hi all.
    Help in the OC department would be appreciated. The list of parts I have to finalize my build are as follows;

    Asrock X570 Taichi
    Ryzen 3950X
    GameMax 850W PS
    Radeon RX560 graphic card
    Scythe SCNJ5000 cooler

    Deciding on;
    Mushkin MRC4U360JNNM32G times four 128GB
    G.Skill F4-3200C16Q-128GTZR
    G.Skill F4-4000C18Q-128GVK

    Everything runs fine with any of the ram sticks I insert. I've used XMP in the bios and have made some tweaks to try to get some more horsepower from any of the kits, but can't seem to get beyond the 3200mhz mark. I haven't gotten really deep yet because there is a timeframe involved to keep one of the kits and return the other unused kits.
    If anyone can provide some help, or even values to put into the bios, to try achieve some better performance, I would greatly appreciate it. This is a workstation for audio (DAW). I chose these part values to achieve the performance most of my plugins need to run and render my projects.
    I'm not worried about taking a chance on any tweaks. I've been around the sun 65 times and my time is more valuable than worrying about blowing up a PC.????
    Any recommendations or changes are invited also.