Socket M2_2 slow compared to M2_1

NVME 970 EVO plus 1Tb in

M2_1 Read: 3537 Write: 3309
M2_2 Read: 3273 Write: 2786 !!!!! big difference

Big difference compare to M2_1

I know they are different (first connect directly to CPU, second connect to X570 chipset)

I want to connect two SSD ( NVME 970 EVO plus 1Tb) in M2_1 and M2_1
They have different speeds depending on the port connected.
I am interested is this norm or I have a problem with the drivers or windows?

Any suggestions?

Specs: X570 Taichi, ryzen 9 3900X, 64Gb, NVME 970 EVO plus 1Tb, Win 10 64