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New MB and processor - no boot

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  • New MB and processor - no boot

    Hello all. I just purchased a B450 Steel Legend motherboard and a Ryzen7 3700x with 32Gb G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series ram. I have a GeForce GT730 vid card and a 380w ps. Running a 250Gb SSD with Win10 pro installed. Bios on the Mboard is P3.40. Basically this is an upgrade of an existing working system with new MB/Processor/Ram.
    My problem is when I power on the system it does not boot. LED's come on and the CPU fan twitches when power on but does not continue to spin. Also the power switch on the cabinetlets me turn on the system but will not let me power off. I need to use the PS switch.
    Any tips or thoughts on what I can do to get things going?
    Thank you !!

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    Can you try a different GPU?


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      It ended up being a bad stick of RAM that was causing the no boot. Thanks Tyler for taking the time to reply.