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Phantom Gaming Z390 ITX/ac Ram

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  • Phantom Gaming Z390 ITX/ac Ram


    I hope you are all staying safe in these trying times.

    I am doing my first build. The motherboard model is in the subject header. I purchased 2 x 16GB sticks of GSkill 3200 memory. They were in the qualified list. I decided to install the cpu, cooler backplate and ram while waiting for the case.

    After installing the ram, I noticed that the sticks were touching one another. The ram slots are that close. I should point out that the ram modules have heat shields that increase their width. The ram sticks are not bent to the side. Nor did they seem to be rubbing when I inserted the second stick. They're just close enough that they touch. At least that's how it looks to my middle aged eyes :)

    Is this an issue? The full product number of the ram is F4-3200C16D-32GTZ.