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  • polychrome

    why asrock polychrome rgb software is so bad
    even asrock's all software is so buggy and old looking.The polychrome rgb software is so buggy and not fully customizable also looks old.In this software music sync doesn't work properly,only 9 effect for addressable rgb also not any special effect ,raibow effect looks so bad,razer chorma connect tab not shows.They are not even updating it and not fixing those issue.Just look at asus,gigabyte and msi.they are very solid brand,their software is so can do many thing with asus aura rgb sync,many mind blowing effect there.
    i don't know why i bought asrock motherboard.There product is not solid because i bought a asrock b365m phantom gaming motherboard.i felt so sad when i saw that there are two black spot/mark in the motherboard io cover wheres the silver color didn't painted.Looks like they didn't painted the motherboard properly.
    in past i liked asrock product because they sell decent product in cheap price but after i bought first asrock product/motherboard i am so shocked for those problems.All my interest in Asrock brand want away