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BIOS 5.40 Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4

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  • BIOS 5.40 Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4

    I own a Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4 motherboard. I'm using it with a R5 1600 processor with a CM Hyper 212 Evo cooler, G-Skill Ripjaws 16GB 3200 16CL 2x8GB kit running at 2933 because this board never allowed for more ( or I didn't know how to get more out of it), Gigabyte GTX 1070 8GB, 256GB x4 PCI-E Samsung 960 Evo, Seasonic Focus+ 80+ Gold 850W PSU, a couple of 1TB HDDs in raid 0 for storage and a well ventilated CM case with 4 120mm fans.
    Untill now I was running on the 4.80 BIOS version and thing were pretty smooth. I had stability problems with previous BIOS versions but they all seemed to go away with the 4.80 version. Recently I upgraded my mobo to the 5.40 version wich I hoped will allow me to take my ram kit to 3200. Sadly, this update made my life hell. The system would freeze at random times and I had to hard reset it. I searched around and found out that if I would disable C-States and only leave the first one turned on and on manual mode then the system would be a lot more stable. And so I did, now it won't freeze anymore. But when I start a game, it will run fine until a loading screen or something, then the whole game and system would start acting very choppy. From 100+ fps would drop down to sub 10 fps and I have no idea what could cause this. In World of Warcraft if I'm at an inn and quickly log out and back in, it would run again fine like nothing happend. And this is true of other games but due to their nature, you have to exit game and start it again and it's so annoying.
    This 5.40 version didn't warn about compatibility issues with Ryzen 1 and 2 series so I assumed things will be fine since 4.80 was so damn good I thought they can only improve on things going further. They shortly released a newer 5.50 BIOS wich advises owners of these processors not to install it. Needless to say I would have refrained from installing it if there was any warning that it could cause problems.
    My question is obviously: does anyone have any idea what's causing this and how can I fix it?

    P.S. I wrote to ASRock support and I'm waiting for their answer but these take a good while. And there's no going back to a previous version of BIOS so I could be facing this problem so long as I keep using this processor in this board if nothing else can be done.
    Thanx a lot in advance.

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    Re: BIOS 5.40 Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4

    I stupidly upgrade to 5.4 as well and it's pretty broken.

    I was on 5.1 before and was able to keep my 2700 @ 4.0 all core with my RAM at 3200 CL14 (it's a 3200 CL16 kit). After "upgrading" the BIOS to 5.1 I can only hit 2933 stable on the RAM if I overclock the CPU, if I leave the CPU at stock then I can still hit 3200 CL14 on the RAM but I can't OC both the CPU and RAM on the new BIOS. This wouldn't be as much of an issue if the CPU would boost properly when left at stock, but that also doesn't work properly on 5.4 and it will only boost from 3.2 to 3.45

    I was going to upgrade to 5.5 but given the warnings posted about it, I'll wait until there's something a bit newer and more stable.


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      Re: BIOS 5.40 Fatal1ty X370 Gaming K4

      Ok. I've reseted the BIOS and ran a couple of days with all stock settings. It ran like it used to, without any issues. Idk why but it felt like when I changed a setting to overclock and then changed it back again to auto, it didn't make the change. And I also felt that this messed up my settings and I had no idea anymore what is set to what. So I reseted and it did make a change.
      Now I've OC'd the ram to 2933 like I used to have it before. Only one change and I'm going to see how it works for a couple of days maybe a week. I'll update as soon as there's anything to report.