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Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3-No XMP & 2 out of 4 RAM

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  • Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3-No XMP & 2 out of 4 RAM


    Recently I havesomething weird. After resetting my bios due to my pc not starting up, all of asudden i can not see 2 of the 4 memory sticks. However, when i use a programlike Hwinfo or CPU-Z then I see ALL 4 RAM.

    In the bios also myspeed is 1333. That is not weird because the XMP profile needs to be set in thebios. However, there is no "Load XMP Profile" button anymore, while idid have this before.

    I have tried todowngrade my bios back to 2.30 - No fix
    Reseated my CPUchecking for bent pins - No Fix
    Ihave put in 1 pair of RAM - both pairs can be seen if they are seperate. Butonce all 4 are in, I only see 2.
    When i try to put in1 pair in every dual channel mode then it works.: A1/B1, A2/B2. WhenA1/A2/B1/B2 is used, only A1/B1 can be seen.

    CPU: Intel I7-2600K
    Bios Version: 2.31A

    I hope someone cangive me advice.

    Thank you inadvance!