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Why no flashrom support?

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  • Why no flashrom support?

    As you can see I just signed up cause I am stuck at a point where only Asrock can help me. First I am no hater you guys create very nice boards otherwise I wouldn't be a proud owner of my Z77 Extreme 4. The clue of especialy this Mainboard is that BIOS chip sits on a socket so you can easily exchange different BIOS/UEFI chips - these chips cost almost nothing in China and a external programmer like a CH341A (just search on google) is also very affordable. So thanks again great board in theory to do some geek stuff (but geek stuff is where Asrock is different compared to other competitors) but in reality software is the key and it seems my board has no flashrom support - flashrom is the name of the software to dump BIOS/UEFI from the chip (Supported hardware - flashrom). Ok maybe you are asking yourself why doing all this? Why should I dump my BIOS from Mainboard?

    The answer is as long as asrock isn't offering any BIOS updates with partialy disabled Intel ME in their BIOS - like what me_cleaner does (GitHub - corna/me_cleaner: Tool for partial deblobbing of Intel ME/TXE firmware images) as long I have to do this by my own don't throw any further stones in my way and support free software like flashrom to receive nice dumps to clean them from Intel ME. It is also the first step to maybe run one day coreboot or libreboot on my BIOS chip but actual this is just a dream I have in my head. So Asrock please take a look at the table as you can see Z68 and Z77 platforms and some others are not supported at the moment .... why? Please share some knowledge between the developers.