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i have a very problem,help please

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  • i have a very problem,help please

    Hello friends.
    My pc is

    I was extending the custom liquid refrigeration to be able to use it without problems, my last expansion consisted of water cooling MOSFET VRM, NB chip and SB chip. Once all set up and tested the water circuit without leaks and everything correct, I connect internal cables, I put a new 3v battery. I turn it on and there is no picture on monitor and the display on the base plate gives me error 00. After looking in the book the error code and remove and put cpu doing clear CMOS proceed to disassemble everything. I leave the base plate on the table and remove the heat sinks that I put and I see that there was also some thermal paste (ARTIC MX4) more in the NB and SB. I turn on pc and error 00. Clean all the thermal paste with clean spray contacts, turn it on. Plate and it works, does not give the error. Then proceed to mount the heat sinks again I throw a drop of thermal paste and turn on again error 00. I disassemble everything clean and the error follows I can not remove it.
    The power supply is of tacens mars gaming vulcan 750w plus silver, the 8pins connector that goes to the plate I measure the voltage with a voltmeter and gives me exact 12.00v.
    The source tested in an ofimatica pc if it works
    What I can do?
    a greeting