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asrock fatal1ty x370 K4 GAMING - Cannot create RAID

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  • asrock fatal1ty x370 K4 GAMING - Cannot create RAID

    Hello everybody.

    I'm in a trouble while trying to create a RAID for my operating system with my new motherboard. I think my disk are fine.

    If i create those disk using the legacy tools it works, but i can't find the RAID drive while installing Windows 10 (I have a USB stick with those specific drivers...)

    When i'm trying to use the 2nd way to create the result of the command rcadm -M -qa is :

    no controllers, arrays, or disks supplied try -qa instead

    here is the document i used :

    If anybody have any tips regarding my issue it would be awesome.

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    Re: asrock fatal1ty x370 K4 GAMING - Cannot create RAID

    Hello here

    Here is a image of my issue :

    I'm trying to make a RAID 0 with 0 SSD of 120Gb (I want the RAID 0 to aggregate disk space, i'm well aware of how it works).

    Another thing, in the document provided by Asrock to create the RAID, they ask us (page 10) to set the “Onboard RAID 3TB+ Unlocker” option to "UEFI Mode For GPT Partition" but i can't find those option. I'm using the lastest bios firmwmare available AKA version 2.40

    To resume :
    -Using legacy mode to create Raid it seems to work but the driver seems not to work on Windows 10 (I tried a few différents)
    -Using UEFI boot and rcadm i can't find controller/array or disk ...

    Seems using UEFI and rcadm could result in a faster boot so i'd like to use this. But if anyone get some working driver for the Legacy option I could use it.
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