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add speedshift feature to Z170 MBs?

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  • add speedshift feature to Z170 MBs?

    Coming from gigabyte z170m-d3h to Asrock Z170m-extreme4 since the old one dead after 6 months.
    Quite satisfied with ASRock so far, blows gigabytes one out of water on every aspect, I even sold my soundblaster z as the purity sound good enough for me.

    The only thing I'm missing is that the speedshift came with the lastest gigabyte's bios update. I use balanced power plan most of the time to saving power, thus this perk introduced by skylake V1/kaby lake V2 helped a lot. it feels like CVT vs 6AT to me. Just did some research, asus, msi and gigabyte all included this feature for their z170 series thru the lastest BIOS update(maybe they just share code with the new z270 bios? idk).

    Would it possible to include this into next bios update? I rly wanted to get most out of the product,In fact for z170m extreme4 it's actually one step away from perfection at this price range.

    thank you!!

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    Re: add speedshift feature to Z170 MBs?

    Dear Charredwee,

    This is Alan from ASRock TSD.

    Regarding your case, we provide the special BIOS to add SpeedShift option.
    Please download the BIOS P7.20C from below link.
    BIOS Path: BIOS > OC Tweaker > CPU Configuration > SpeedShift > Enabled

    Thank you!
    Yours truly,
    ASRock TSD Alan