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  • Who wants to try reviewing?

    We are starting up a program for our forum members who might be interested in doing honest reviews of motherboards (and possibly other products). The reviews would be posted here on our forums.

    If you are interested please email me your answers to the following questions at sbassiri(AT) (you can also find my email on the About Us page of our website).
    #1. Your location.
    #2. Your current system(s), we will need to know what hardware you have on hand already.
    #3. Examples of reviews, it doesn't have to be a motherboard review. If you don't have an example, please send me links to posts and anything else that could be used to see your motherboard knowledge ability.
    #4. Write one paragraph (3-5 sentences) on what a motherboard is, what what it does. I will not only be evaluating technical knowledge and your ability to convey a big idea in few words, but also your ability to write.
    #5. Take a picture of your current system or of a PC component (not needed if you have an example of a review). You may edit the picture. I need to know you can take decent photos.
    #6. How well can you overclock?
    #7. What motherboard brands have you used in the past?

    #8. Please try to answer as many of these questions as you can:
    A. ThunderBolt 3 provides 40Gbps of bandwidth, but the x4 PCI-E 3.0 link only provides 32Gbps to Intel's TB3 controller, where does the remaining 8Gbps come from?
    B. Are more or less PCB layers better and when would more (or less) be preferable? (this is not a straightforward question)
    C. If you have a PWM controller with 6 PWM channels (one per phase), how could you produce a VRM with 8, 10, 12, 16, or 24 phases? (There are multiple answers, and I don't expect many people to answer this correctly).
    D. What is the highest life rating of current capacitors used on a Z170 motherboard? (Rating of capacitor at 105C @ ??K hours)
    E. Explain Intel's flexible IO, and how it allows 3-way M.2 RAID on the Z170 chipset in 1 paragraph maximum.
    F. Explain the importance of motherboard quality in 2 sentences max.

    Your reviews will not need to be close in length or depth compared to mine, but rather just a quick review of what you thought of the product.

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    Re: Who wants to try reviewing?

    I'd love to start reviewing, but I have a question: do I keep the review sample, or is it supposed to be shipped back to you?
    By the way, I have been doing many reviews on my blog (Drops of Wisdom - Reviews, Gadgets, News, Commentary and other things) - mostly of TV Boxes.


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      Re: Who wants to try reviewing?

      I am definitely interested, and will be sending you an email later today once I take a good picture of my computer. Thanks!


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        Re: Who wants to try reviewing?

        Sent my entry. Thanks for this opportunity! ;)


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          Re: Who wants to try reviewing?

          In average how many review are done in a month ?
          I'm still studying and would not have a lot of spare time to do it