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  • were is the 1394 label

    I'm trying to recover from an false bios upgrade. Did use the last 3.10 for my Asrock P67 Extrem4 and without any warning that this chip is not the B3, I did install it. So have to do an recover but then the things went wrong.
    1]. only two of my 4 RAMs are been used, I have installed 4 x 2Gb RAM
    2]. got the 1394 GUID are invalid etc message
    3]. selecting AHCI does crashing the system, while it always did run on that mode.

    I did use the 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.1/3.1 and the beta bios as been found on the Asrock website. None did solve the problem.

    Now about the 1394 problems I did read this from the asrock forum

    1. Please check the 1394 label in your motherboard and write it down. The 1394 UUID like 1394.jpg(ex. 00138F00XXXXXXXX)
    2. Rename the "1394_zip" to "" Unzip the attached file "" and save it to a bootable USB flash.
    3. Reboot your system and boot into the USB flash with Hotkey <f11> during POST.
    4. Run the 1394 program and key in "fwguid c XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" then press enter. System will re-flash the 1394 automatically.


    Where can I find that 1394 label code on this P67 Extrem4 board????
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