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I have an AsRock330, how upgradeable?

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  • I have an AsRock330, how upgradeable?

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    Re: I have an AsRock330, how upgradeable?

    If your "ASRock 330" is this PC: ION 330 - ASRock Inc.

    And the board in your PC is this: ASRock A330ION Mini-ITX Motherboard Review - Legit ReviewsIntroducing the A330ION

    Then you case should fit a mini-ITX sized board, such as this: ASRock > Z97M-ITX/ac

    BUT from there your idea falls apart... sorry to say.

    Your PC has an external power supply and your board is designed to work with it. The mini-ITX board in my example above is designed to work with the standard, internal PC power supply. There is no way to put a power supply like that in your PC case, or connect it to a board like the one above from outside the case.

    IF you can find a mini-ITX board that uses an external power supply, that could work... but...

    Notice the back panel of your PC. All the inputs and outputs. Will a different board match the openings for the IO on your case? Only by pure luck, and most likely not.

    IMO, give up on your idea, or get a newer mini PC, sorry to say.