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I have an AsRock330, how upgradeable?

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  • I have an AsRock330, how upgradeable?

    Hello everyone,

    I have an asrock330. 1.6ghz Intel atom CPU, 2gb ram. 500gb sata HDD, Nvidia ION.

    It's obviously a bit long in the tooth now so I've been eyeing up Intel nuc boxes and gigabyte brix too.

    All is good but when you've bought the extra ram, HDD, (wherever else), it can run to £400-500. For that money I estimate you would end up with an i3 or i5 system of some kind.

    Ideally looking so save money, I quite like the black case of my 330. And I especially like the spdif and 6x USB ports.

    ---- in the effort of trying to save money....
    Does anyone know if asrock offer a motherboard which could fit in the case of the asrock330? Ideally I would like to be running an i3 or i5 CPU with say 8gb ram. And of course if it can accommodate ssd instead of sata that would be the icing.

    Is this possible? I might be going about this the wrong way.. It might end up even more expensive than Intel's nuc route, but im no expert so I thought I'd ask those in the know first see if im not a loony :-p

    Kind regards.

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    Re: I have an AsRock330, how upgradeable?

    If your "ASRock 330" is this PC: ION 330 - ASRock Inc.

    And the board in your PC is this: ASRock A330ION Mini-ITX Motherboard Review - Legit ReviewsIntroducing the A330ION

    Then you case should fit a mini-ITX sized board, such as this: ASRock > Z97M-ITX/ac

    BUT from there your idea falls apart... sorry to say.

    Your PC has an external power supply and your board is designed to work with it. The mini-ITX board in my example above is designed to work with the standard, internal PC power supply. There is no way to put a power supply like that in your PC case, or connect it to a board like the one above from outside the case.

    IF you can find a mini-ITX board that uses an external power supply, that could work... but...

    Notice the back panel of your PC. All the inputs and outputs. Will a different board match the openings for the IO on your case? Only by pure luck, and most likely not.

    IMO, give up on your idea, or get a newer mini PC, sorry to say.