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X99m killer overclocking settings

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  • X99m killer overclocking settings

    Looking for some help and to share some experiences with my x99m killer and overclocking.
    I have this board partnered with a 5930k and gskill 2666 Ram. I am happy with it even though it seems a little buggy. I currently have the CPU overclocked to 4.6, cache at 3.5 and ram at 2666 using 100 bclk and it runs well. However when i try using bclk to overclock RAM it gets buggy. I have had the board pass stability tests at 105 bclk with 2800 Ram and 3.675 cache but as soon as i turned on the power saving c states it became unstable with win 8.1. Win 7 was fine however. Trying higher bclk like 125 also proves unstable. I have tried with low RAM and cache, high RAM low cache, high cache and low RAM but everything seems unstable above 100 bclk. Has anyone had any luck getting the board stable with higher bclk and if so what settings were the key.
    Also like to know what kind of System Agent voltages these boards run as stock. I would like to try adding some more volts but i don't want to add too much. I have it at +.125 now and have gone as far as +.25 but don't know if i'm pushing too much as there is no value for this, only an offset.

    Any help would be great

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    Re: X99m killer overclocking settings

    Anyone have any idea about Sys Agent voltage? I really would like to know what this board runs as a default so that when i add my offset i know whether i am giving it too much.

    Any help would be appreciated


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      It seems that the latest version of Windows limit the Overclocking capabilities of the MB (The Multiplier is limited to 36). One can see it in Warning: Windows Update KB4100347 Breaks Broadwell-E Overclocking. I wonder if ASRock will release updated version to solve this issues as ASUS and other vendors have been doing for their X99 mainboards.