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P67 Extreme4 Problem

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  • P67 Extreme4 Problem

    I update my bios to 3.10 not thinking, and now in Windows it is showing an ACPI device (my processor, an i5 2500k) as not having drivers installed. Have tried running the latest Intel ME driver to no avail. Wanted to flash back to an older BIOS (found the L2.10 version on the site) but the UEFI interface doesn't see it on the flash drive (formatted as FAT32, that's the only file on the drive).

    Any suggestions? Any way to flash to an older BIOS? I think that the newer BIOS is what is causing the processor to not show properly.

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    Re: P67 Extreme4 Problem

    Nevermind, after doing some more search, discovered that the hardware ID of ACPI\INT33A0 refers to something that needs the Intel SmartConnect driver, which apparently wasn't installed at some point. Not sure if the upgrade of the Intel ME set it off or something, but have been running this system for a year and this is recent.