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Sound gone - X79 Extreme9

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  • Sound gone - X79 Extreme9

    My sound card that came with this motherboard is no longer recognized as being on the motherboard. Does that mean a bad card or bad motherboard now? Advice please on how to determine.

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    Re: Sound gone - X79 Extreme9

    I rebooted and went into the "Delete" mode and was able to look at the graphical depiction (very nice by the way) of what is on the motherboard and it did not see a sound card in any slot. I then shut it down to see if I put the sound card in another slot if that might work. As I did, I heard the "pop" sound and decided to just reboot the PC. Now the card is back and I have sound. Nice as that is, that should not have happened. So, still looking for advice. Thanks.