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Bios says IDE - Windows 7 says SATA

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  • Bios says IDE - Windows 7 says SATA

    Ok I'm about to put my head through a wall trying to figure this out. My ADATA S599 Sata SSD is showing up as an IDE drive in the bios even with AHCI turned on yet Windows 7 see's it as a SATA drive. The only progress I've made was getting Windows to see it correctly but I still can't figure out the bios. It's on a 780gxe board with AMI 1.8 (current) bios, I've also installed all of the Asrock updates for the board which is what got Windows to see the drive correctly.

    Here's what gets me, if I clear the CMOS with the battery out and power supply off and then restart, the bios will show the drive as being a SATA drive. The only place in the bios to see the drive is under the boot menu where on a fresh boot it will show [SATA ADATA S599...] yet every boot up there after will show [IDE ADATA S599...].

    Anyway I'm stuck, I originally got this drive a couple of days ago and hooked it and my ide dvd drive to the mobo and finally installed Windows 7. The drive had never been used prior to the installation of Windows 7 and when I went into the bios to set boot priority to the dvd I also turned on AHCI. It rebooted, started installing windows and after it was done I went into windows to check a few things and run ATTO. After I did that I shut it down and installed it in the new case I purchased, added in my mechanical SATA HDD and closed it all up. Up to that point the computer had been booted into windows once and I am almost positive that it did not hang for a few seconds after the intial bios screen showing AHCI Drive Ini... which is what it does now for 2-3 seconds before recognizing the drives.

    Basically the first time I booted into windows it went so fast to the windows loading screen that I couldn't make out any of the DOS style text and barely saw the Bios splash screen which is what I'm trying to get it back to. I've also re-installed windows with just the ADATA and the dvd drive attached after clearing the CMOS and again it showed as a SATA drive in the bios boot menu when I went to change boot priority but reverted after the windows install to ide. Any help is greatly appreciated, sorry for being long winded.