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A780GXE/128M Won't Recognize Dual-Channel Anymore

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  • A780GXE/128M Won't Recognize Dual-Channel Anymore

    Did some RAM swapping because the Corsair XMS died in my wifes machine so I put one of my Kingston Hyper X modules in hers till we got her Corsair back. Running a 4gb (2GBx2) DC kit. Went to put the Kingston back in my machine in the DC configuration and it will not even show the splash screen to get into the BIOS. I can put one module in each pair of slots and it will boot and see all 4gb but it won't with both in the same pair of slots in the dual-channel slots. I hope I am explaining this good enough. Anyone know what might have happened to this thing? The board seems to automatically see if the memory is in the dual-channel mode and there is no way to turn it on in the BIOS. Maybe I am missing something. It worked fine before I pulled the module out and put the one in my wifes machine.