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BIOS & OCTuner reporting incorrect CPU temp & does not change with load.

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  • BIOS & OCTuner reporting incorrect CPU temp & does not change with load.


    A few specs that you cant see in the image below first:
    Note: All at standard stock speed, no overclocks.
    Motherboard: AsRock P55 Pro
    BIOS: P2.3 date 05/11/2010 (reported by CPU-Z)
    Memory: Geil DDR3, 4x 2GB @ 1333mhz
    Graphics: ATi Radeon HD 4870
    Cooler: Huge Tower cooler (barely fits height wise in my case) from a friend, 775 socket with a huge fan.
    Case: Antec P182
    Room Temperature: 20-24c

    I noticed when I was trying to set my automatic fan settings to something silent but protective when the need arises that, like the title says, the BIOS and OCTuner are reporting significantly higher CPU temperatures then SpeedFan & Real Temp.

    This picture is taken during relatively idle load with the fan spinning at a low speed (level 5 in the bios, representing 50% in SpeedFan). The RPM in SpeedFan is way off as should be obvious.

    Now, while writing this, I decided to take a moment to run the Sensor Test in Real Temp. It runs up Prime95 for a while and then I ran it manually for about 20 minutes longer. SpeedFan and RealTemp reported the Tjunction (or core) temperature at 67c, 65c, 63c and 64c and SpeedFan reported the Tcase (or CPU) temperature at 52. Voltage went up to 1.184v according to CPU-Z and OCTuner and the multiplier stayed at x21.0 with the processor running at 2812MHz.

    Now the trouble here is that the fan never rev'ed up at all, meaning it was at level 5 (or 50% as reported by SpeedFan) the whole time. The CPU temperature (most likely supposed to be the Tcase Thermal Diode) reported by OCTuner never changed, but kept staying at 58-59. It's obviously not reporting the CPU temperature but fetching that number from somewhere else, so as things are, I can't really trust the BIOS at all to handle protecting the processor by automatically adjust the fan since the BIOS gives the same exact number as OCTuner when I restart and enter it.

    Also, the AUX temperature in SpeedFan is extremely high but probably not really a thermal diode since, interestingly, it dropped immediately down to 70-71c as the Tjunction/core temperatures jumped up when running Prime95 so that is something else I expect, or just a wrongly reported number from somewhere.

    Does anyone have the same experience as I do with this motherboard? It's a shame that I cant use the automatic settings in the BIOS. I don't like the high numbers I get when running Prime95 so I will for the time being experiment with higher fan RPM's.

    The only reported updates I can see on the BIOS page (ASRock > Products > Motherboard > P55 Pro > Download) are CPU code and onboard lan boot rom updates. I downloaded the 2.50 BIOS but there was no readme or any further info in it.

    Please advice on how to fix this...
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