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G41m-gs cpu/ram fsb

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  • G41m-gs cpu/ram fsb

    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a G41M-GS and I am very pleased with the board, but I am unsure of something and need to figure it out before I make another purchase. I'm currently using a celeron d 356 (yeah...) and pc2 4200 533 fsb ram. I'm on a very tight budget and want to upgrade the cpu. The G41-GS allows the use of fsb 533 ram as long as the cpu has a 533 fsb. I'm wondering if I can use a cpu with an fsb of 1066 with this ram, being that then they would in reality share the same actual fsb of 266.

    ram 2 x 266 = 533
    cpu 4 x 266 = 1066

    for most boards I would assume it would be fine but this particular board uses jumpers to select fsb, so I'm sort of weary.

    If anyone has experience with this particular board or has any opinions please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: G41m-gs cpu/ram fsb

    If the user manual does not say that combination is supported, then it probably is not supported...


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      Re: G41m-gs cpu/ram fsb

      @Pegasrock, I take it you are a Pegatron/ASRock employee? If so are you here officially? :)