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    Computer #1 is an older computer with Windows 95. It is running , but has no CD Rom. I have tried everything I know to get it to accept and recognize a CD Rom so I can add additional software, but no luck. I guess the computer and or MB will just not accept a CD Rom . Everything I have is on CD. The current hard drive is also very small.
    Computer #2 is also an older running computer but has a working CD Rom, it also is running Windows 95
    This is my plan---take "another" hard drive that has no operating system on it, and install it in computer #2 that has a working CD Rom, load Windows 95 from my CD on this HD and all the other software I want, Then do the "ENUM" trick, shut the computer down, and remove the hard drive. Then put this hard drive in computer #1. Hopefully when it boots up, it will find all the required drivers etc, because remember there is no CD Rom, so if it asks me to insert the Win 95 disc, I am screwed.
    Will this work ? Is there "ANY" chance that I could mess up the two computers, because they are at least running now. Thanks for your help !

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    well never thought about doing such a thing but i feel that this should work.
    one thing you can do is that when you are loading 95 on that "another" hard disk, copy whole of the contents of the CD on the hard disk in a folder and when it asks for drivers on #1 computer, you can simply direct it to that particular folder.
    copy all the drivers that you think you might be needing to different folders and this might save you from going through the hassles later.

    btw i feel that you will be hit by lots of comments to upgrade those computers.
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      Have you looked in the "integrated peripherals" section of the bios to see if the second ide channel is disabled? If you were trying to hook up a cd to the same channel as the hd, did you make sure that the hd jumper was properly set? (Some drives have different settings for master and master with slave - could also be set as cable select.)


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        asklepios- thanks for the tip about copying all the drivers to the hard drive before I exit. This computer was bought by a friends daughter who did not know any better. I am just trying to make it usable for her to send e-mails to her parents, without wasting any more money. I told her I could have bought a good Pentium 2 on E-Bay for what she paid for this old 486.

        bigjackusa- there is only one IDE cable. It comes from a card that is plugged into the motherboard, and goes to the hard drive. I have set the CD Rom to Master, Slave, and CSEL with no luck, it either gives me a hard drive error or just sits there and does nothing. When I install the CD Rom and go into the Bios (I guess) by hitting Control Del at boot up, there is an option to Auto detect hard drive and others. I select it but it fails to find anything. It then looks for a CD Rom and again fails to find anything, so I exit without saving anything to the CMOS. I feel uncomfortable that I may screw up something here and then the computer will be worthless.


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          The bios won't detect cds with ide auto-detect, that is normal. I guess that the ide controller pre-dates ide cd drives (they all used to connect via proprietary interface). You may be able to find a used external, parralell cd case for cheap that might work. Maybe even an old isa ide card.


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            I've been there, and it is aggravating as..........

            Most of the time I could get it back by removing the CD-ROM in the Device manager, then rebooting.

            Maybe the info on this page might help;

            OK, it does appear the link on that page is toast.
            Any idea what chipset you are running there?
            Maybe this is the file to fix the issue??;
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              My idea did not work. When I put the empty hard drive into computer #2, the computer did not recognize the CD Rom, even though everything was working before. I even make a boot up disc. for computer #2 before I did the hard drive switch.
              This is my next plan--put this empty HD into my wife's much newer computer (4 years old) and see if her computer will recognize its CD Rom after I switch had drives. I do not want to put this empty hard drive in my P4 (1 year old) to try it. Will post back tomorrow on the status.


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                Mr. C Both old computers have the AMD processor, so I assume they do not have the Inter motherbaord. Will doublecheck tonight. Thanks for the lead.


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                  go to your reg. do a search.. type "noide" and search all the reg. if it finds that, delete it and reboot.. then your cd will work...

                  also, do you have windows 95 version A or B? version A is NOT plug and play, VS. B is....


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                    Firewalker, I assume you mean go to START/RUN, and type regedit, and then press enter. But how do you search for "noide" ? Or do you mean manually ?


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                      yes, start - run - regedit

                      then go to edit and find and then type noide

                      then if it finds it, delete it and reboot...

                      basically this is a problem with win 95 where the second IDE controller is disabled in the software and you are unable to use your CDRom drive


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                        Fierwalker- Computer did not find "noide"