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Help - WindowsXP Prof Locking up Shutdown

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  • Help - WindowsXP Prof Locking up Shutdown

    I'm having a problem when Windows XP Professional is shutting down - lt gives me a 'dark blue' screen of death with the following error: (note it locks up, and I have to powerdown on the computer).

    STOP: 0x000000D1
    WDMCAPI.SYS address F6CC0E84 base (several addresses) @ F6C91000
    datestamp 3b0cd3ac

    I can logout as a user without any problems. It 'began' after I installed my ISDN PCI modem with the latest drivers from the company (Hayes), though when installing it said not windows certified. The modem works great/no issues. The following is my system:

    Abit TH7II with P4P 2GHz, 256MB RDRAM (not OC'd)
    Leadtek Geforce3 card (latest nvidia drivers)
    Plextor 16/10/40a
    WD 60GB HD
    Soundblaster Audigy

    Any inputs? Note before I installed the modem, I also would periodically get this/the system has sent numerous 'messages' to microsoft w/o any assistance.


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    well all i can really say is to wait for versions of the drivers come out for XP, contact the manufacturer and ask if they have any support for XP...otherwise upgrade the drivers for as many possible devices in your computer as possible...
    At the request of wiggo ;)


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      did you attempt to use the XP default drivers for the device first?


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        Flashed the Abit TH7II board with latest BIOS (per Zoom/Hayes) - still no luck - still working through details of driver error. Note no generic XP hardware driver for the modem (ISDN-PCI modem in Europe). Any other insight?


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          I'd start hounding the modem company for certified drivers


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            Yup - still trying. The drivers they sent originally which were supposed to work obviously aren't. Have since flashed the MB BIOS and they are wanting me to force the card to not use INT10 and/or change PCI slot - does this sound like I'm going anywhere given the driver/stop error? Any other inputs other than deinstall and yank the $^*#@! thing?


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              i hate to say it....but it sounds like HAL at work again....

              u may have an IRQ related problem possibly

              if you wanna know about the HAL, its a *****, search HAL on the MSKB and you should turn up an article detailing how to modify HAL-related things