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    when i first got my computer , it came partitioned into 2 seperate HDS. C:\ and D:\ . C: was 1.3 Gigs and had windows on it. D: was 12 Gigs. What i want to do is upgrade to WIN XP but move it from C: to D: . is that possible without having to reinstall all my driver files and programs all over again? ... thanx

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    so you want to upgrade, not fresh install, onto D:? do you want to do this because D: has more space? if so then install partition magic 7 & just give C: more space becoz it is better to have windows on another partition to the rest of your stuff incase something happens you don't have to format and you lose ALL of your stuff...
    At the request of wiggo ;)


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      basically the answer is no.

      the is no way that i know of to resize the hd's (this is very easy to do) and fix your registry cause all your programs that were installed on d drive would know be on C drive (the very hard to practically impossible) - thousands of registry entries would need to be changed

      so what you'll have to do is 1 of the following

      1. backup all your data & fdisk the HD and start again - clean install


      2. Do a clean install to D drive, while this will get XP installed, you'll still have all the crap left from previous OS wasting space


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        nah, go clean install, much better for your system


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          option 1 is by far the better choice, why not show some love to that PC and spend some quality time formatting...:smokin: