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ntfs security... HELP !!!

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  • ntfs security... HELP !!!

    Hi everyone, I was messing around with my system and have now buggered things up completely. I need a lot of help here.

    Alright, after a bit of messing around, I could no longer get XP to boot. It'd just reset during boot (even when I tried safe mode). I decided that meant I'd screwed it right up and the only solution was to re-install. Since I have (had ???) heaps of info from uni and other things from the past 5 years sitting on my machine I really do not want to format my hdd. Instead I re-installed on another partition in the hope I could copy all my stuff across and then re-install properly. Well, I did that but when I went to copy my info, I was told that access was denied. Yes I did have a logon password and yes I do know what it is. However, I have no idea how to gain access to my old profile with all my stuff.

    Ummm, I really want to save all my old uni work & emails. Is there anyway I can regain access to my profile ??? Please somebody help me ! I'm starting to get a bit worried and desperate !

    HELP !


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    Not to worry, all's good !

    A friend of mine who happens to be a network admin told me about a lovely little feature called "take ownership". We also discovered a really **** feature called "simple file sharing" which hides / disables the before mentioned lovely little feature.

    I now have all my stuff back again so all's good !

    :D I gotta buy him a slab... oh well I guess he earnt it !