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No Desktop setting, or screensaver options.

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  • No Desktop setting, or screensaver options.

    The IT department where I work just upgraded our computers from Windows 2000 to XP Pro.
    If I go into Control Panel, and then display, I only see three tabs. Desktop, Appearance, and Settings. There is no screen saver tab. Also when I look at the Desktop tab that is there, i can't change anything. There are a few other desktop designs, but they are greyed out, and I can't select anything. That is not that big a deal, but I would like to be able to add my own screensaver. I took one in from home that I had and tried to install it but it did not work. I could get it to work if I clicked on the program itself, but that is the only way. I still do not see anything about screen savers in the Display area in Control Panel. I then took my copy of XP Pro to work and thought maybe I could get additional features to install on the computer from the disc, no luck. My ultimate goal would be to use the pictues I have in MY Pictures as a screen saver, like I did when I had Windows 2000, but would settle to at least be able to install a regular screen saver from a floppy or CD. Any suggestions ? Is there a tweak I can make in the registry somewhere ?

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    Re: No Desktop setting, or screensaver options.

    If your IT folks have any sense at all, then you are out of luck. It is common practice for IT folks to create user accounts on their corporate network that are not administrative level users. This allows them to help protect their network against all manor of trojans and infections that would be a hinderance to productivity. On top of that, many IT folks also use group policy to limit what can and cannot be done on a workstation. Since group policy is loaded into cache at login, there isn't a way to bypass it. This is likely the reason that you can use an executable file but cannot install the software application to your local machine.
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