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Linux Mandrake vs. XP Pro Debate *security in focus*

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  • Linux Mandrake vs. XP Pro Debate *security in focus*

    Linux Mandrake vs. XP Pro Debate
    Please help me choose:

    1) Best security: overall & why?

    2) Best encryption of data/record keeping methods

    3) Most user friendly, as in *I do not want to be up days straight tweaking, etc :thumbs: "good for amateurs"*

    4) Secure and private emailing options

    PS Unfortunatly most software is based and or compatible with Windows right off the shelf, so if you are a Linux Man 8.2 nut...(I aspire to your height) then what has your experience been in relation to using the "less" popular and therefore less catered to OS? If any? If none?

    Your POV(s) are greatly appreciated, LinMan8.2 has been touted as the A1 by many, however I am skeptical because I would rather not dump more $$ into the deep hole that is this silly little box in front of me! LOL :rolleyes2:

    :lips: XOXO

    PSS Oh & if I was to partition it? Then I could have the best of both worlds...hmmm but no not really.


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    if i had a copy of mandarake i could tell you........ but i dont so oh well


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      I do.....


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        i dont.....


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          It sounds like you are currently a Windows user.
          The switch to Linux will require an investment from you certainly.
          In this case the investment will not be one of $'s but rather one of time dedicated to learning the open source OS.

          Nothing is completely secure (but you know that:D ).
          Virii and such are less threat on a Linux system. If it's having your data hacked that worries you, both OS's have vulnerabilities that are probably best addressed by a good router.

          Your question is in and of itself a very good one -- I have to wonder who would have the capacity to give you an honest and impartial answer.

          I am personally not capable, it is the evils of Windows XP that has me poking around with open source to begin with.

          Good luck in your quest:thumb:
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