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QUAKE III does not like Windows XP

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  • QUAKE III does not like Windows XP

    Windows XP has been working beautifully for me, but I have some issues when I want to play Quake III, so I have a lot of issues. When I want to shutdown after I have played Quake I find that windows pops up three "Closing Program" boxes. The first is always for pdesk.exe and the second and third are both explorer.exe. This never happends when I don't run Quake III.

    What can I do to solve this horrible problem? I must be able to play Quake III without suffering negative consequences (outside of the effects on my social life and bad grades in school).

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    I'm at a loss on this one. I use Quake3 for testing pretty much everything because it does a good job of thrashing the CPU and graphics systems, and fires up the CPU to a high temperature when testing heatsinks. I have never had anything like this happen to me and I use WinXP Pro.
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      now, i don't know all that much about Q3 problems... but from a logical position.. Where does the pdesk.exe come from? is it a part of quake, or something else? can u find this on your computer somewhere?


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        pdesk.exe sounds like something from the 9x powertoys.
        I think its the program that lets you have multiple desktops ala Linux. :?:
        Dunno why its in XP, perhaps you did a 9x->xp upgrade...

        Anyway, try killing that process (pdesk.exe) before starting Q3 and see if that helps. The extra explorer.exe processes I think are called by pdesk and since pdsek dies, it takes down those explorer.exe processes as well.

        Of course, im just assuming pdesk is the desktop changing program, I probably am wrong, its been a while since i used 9x with the powertoys.

        If you feel you dont need/use pdesk (its not a critical windows component) then you can remove it from your startup items by going to Start->run and type in 'msconfig' (w/o quotes)
        click the startup tab and uncheck the entry with pdesk.exe

        If you do have problems after disabling pdesk, you can re-add it by repeating the above process.


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          that's why I wanted to find out what it was.. There's also a Matrox utility called Powerdesk, which i've had a lot of trouble with in the past.. but i don't think someone would be using a Matrox card to play Q3...


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            To be honest, Im having trouble with the statement that he wants to play q3a.

            I mean, q3a.


            I remember that matrox program.
            While the g400max was/is a pretty sweet card, that stupid powerdesk program shat me to tears.


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              Thanks for the tip. It is actually a process of Matrox Quickdesk.

              I have a Matrox G450 on this computer because I like a dual-monitor setup, but I still like Quake. I get a framerate of around 60fps in 800x600x16, which is fine for my playing.

              So don't diss the Matrox, it's the bomb!


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                *shakes head in disappointment*

                That Matrox problem will always haunt me.. I can't seem to get rid of it.. :(