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XP will not shutdown or restart

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  • XP will not shutdown or restart

    My machine will not restart or shutdown. I have to use the reset button to restart and the power button to shutdown. This is driving me nuts. I tried the grim reaper's tweaks and they did not work. I reset my registry settings back to default settings. I was wondering what could be causing this problem. Help appreciated.


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    I have the same problems as well, but it is a known issue and Microsoft has said that a fix for it will appear in the first Service Pack that comes out. Only problem with this is that they aren't saying when the SP is supposed to hit the streets. :(
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      What all is running in the tray? try exiting tsr's like realplayer,icq, aim,msmesgr, etc first. winxp stumbles with shutting down these memory hogs, after that 3 finner, salute ctrl+alt+del, & on applications tab see what else is hangin' & click "shutdown" on top of this menu


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        I've had the same problem, you can cure it to adegree by decrasing the time which Windows waits to shut down apps.

        Open up REGEDIT and goto "HKCURRENTUSER\Control Panel\Desktop\" and set the key "HungAppTimeout" to 5000(which is default) and make "WaitToKillAppTimeout"
        4000 (20000 is default).

        Also, go to "HKLOCALMACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\" and set the key "WaitToKillServiceTimeout" to 4000 too. That should make the shutdown complete in 4 secs.

        It works a charm for me!
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          Mr Tweak I tried that tweak again and it worked. But it when it gets to windows is shutting down it took 2 minutes or so to restart. I should not take that long to restart to me. It should take just a few minutes to do that. My other puter which I run 2000 on works great with the tweak and takes about 10-15 seconds to restart. Also shutdown msnmsgr and a couple of other programs before restarting it may have helped a bit. I just don't like the fact it takes that long to restart my system. Have not tried to shut it down to see how long it takes. Thanks for the info. Will keep you upto date on the problem.



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            have you got ACPI installed? do you have Advanced Power Management installed? mine won't shutdown because i haven't got ACPI installed (im assuming because i didn't install it at setup) which (only a theory, nothing can prove it unless i do a few reinstalls) that when ACPI isn't installed you don't have the APM tab in Power Options in control yeah, if you have APM tab in Power Options found in control panel, try enabling that and give it a go...otherwise i have a reg tweak here somewhere that i tried, it works with 2k with this prob and i tried it on XP, it didn't seem to work for me, maybe it will for someone with a completely diff setup...ill post it when i find it...

            i just added this into my first post in the sticky thread, it seems to be helping a few ppl with this problem...
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              Well I don 't have APM on my puter. I will deal with it I guess. Like I said it takes about 2 minutes to restart or shutdown. At least I go it to restart. Just have to live with it I guess.